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Eastport (1879)

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Bird's Eye View of Eastport Washington Co. Maine 1879



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J. J. Stoner


43.2 x 66 cm


Maine Historic Preservation Commission

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The village is situated on the south-easterly part of the island, on a spacious harbor never closed by ice. Catching and curing fish has been and is still the principal industry of the town. There are now thirteen sardine factories in full operation in Eastport, employing about 800 hands. These factories run night and day during the season, and turn out about 5,000 cases per week. Some $8,000 per week are paid out weekly to the hands,—men, women and children….The village contains about one hundred warehouses and stores. It is prettily laid out, and along the streets are many elm, maple, hackmatac, mountain ash and balm of gilead trees; while everywhere front yards are filled with flowers.

A Gazetteer of the State of Maine, George J. Varney, 1881, 1886

Historic Newspaper References

Eastport Sentinel, July 16, 1879

We are glad to say that enough subscribers have been obtained for the bird’s eye view of Eastport to warrant it being lithographed.

Eastport Sentinel, October 15, 1879

The agent for the lithographic view of Eastport is at present in Calais delivering the views of that city. He expects to be in this place next week.

Eastport Sentinel, October 29, 1879

The lithographic bird’s eye view of Eastport subscribed for by many of our citizens has been delivered by Mr. A. F. Poole. Its clearness and accuracy commend it to all, while its artistic excellence gives much satisfaction to all patrons. Mr. Poole has a few extra copies which may be obtained by applying to E. H. Wadsworth & Co,

Eastport Sentinel, November 5, 1879

We have for sale a few extra copies of the Lithographic View of Eastport, size 13 x 23 inches. To parties at a distance, who may desire them, we will send by mail Postage Free on receipt of the price of $3.00 or two for $5.00. E. H. Wadsworth & Co,

Eastport Sentinel, December 24, 1879

A bird’s eye view of Eastport would make an excellent Christmas gift or New Year’s gift for an absent friend. E. H. Wadsworth has a few copies left.

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