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Bird's Eye View of The City of Lewiston & Auburn Androscoggin County, Maine



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Lewiston and Auburn, Maine - hi-res

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Charles Shober & Co.


J. J. Stoner


71.8 x 86.4 cm


Maine Historic Preservation Commission

Population of City/Town at Time of Publication

Lewiston: 13,600 ; Auburn: 6,169

Description of City/Town

Lewiston is somewhat broken in surface, but well cultivated, and contains many good farms. It has excellent clay for making bricks; also several valuable ledges, furnishing the best of building materials, which is shown in the beauty of the dwelling-houses, and the substantial character of its stores and manufacturing establishments. This town is connected with the most flourishing and populous portions of the state by railroad. But its distinguishing features are its almost unrivalled water-power and the extensive application of it to the propulsion of a great variety of machinery….Lewiston has increased surprisingly within a few years, through its manufacturing interests.

Auburn is not so much an agricultural as a manufacturing town. Considerable business is done here in the manufacture of house furniture, but the boot and shoe manufacture constitutes the principal business. There are five saw-mills, three flour mills, one peg manufactory, two tanneries, one sash and blind factory, and one iron foundry.

A History and Description of New England, General and Local, A. J. Coolidge and J. B. Mansfield, 1859

Historic Newspaper References

Lewiston Evening Journal, July 27, 1875

A note from the parties making the Bird’s Eye View of Lewiston and Auburn writes that the work is nearly completed and will be ready for subscribers early in August.

Lewiston Evening Journal, August 3, 1875

The Bird’s Eye View of Lewiston and Auburn has been completed, and agents are now in town distributing the work to subscribers. It purports to be the view one would obtain if placed in a balloon two thousand feet above the two cities in a southwesterly direction. Every street with its name is distinctly shown, the canals with all the mills, stations and public buildings, with reference, making a stranger’s directory. Beyond this the artist has located every building in the city. The engraving has been finely executed, a picture that will be an ornament for a store or dwelling. It makes a very satisfactory picture of our two cities as well as a very convenient reference map.

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