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Green's Landing Me.


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George E. Norris


36 x 50 cm


Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library

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Located on Great Deer Isle, Green’s Landing was the principal village on the island with two major commercial activities, fishing and quarrying. The fishermen of Green’s Landing supplied fish to waterfront packing plants. Quarries at the Landing and adjacent islands produced large quantities of granite used in building construction throughout the Northeast.

Historic Newspaper References

Deer Isle Gazette, Green’s Landing, July 29, 1893

George E. Norris of Brockton, Massachusetts is in town preparing a photogravure of Green’s Landing and vicinity.

Deer Isle Gazette, Green’s Landing, September 14, 1893

George E. Norris of Brockton, Massachusetts was here Wednesday delivering the perspective views of this place. It is a fine picture of the place showing every building plainly, even the windows being perfectly outlined. Size 20 x 24 inches. After making the delivery, Mr. Norris had a few copies left which we secured and now offer for sale.

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