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Caribou (1893)

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Caribou, 1893 Aroostook Co. Maine.


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George E. Norris


31 x 53 cm


Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library

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Surrounded by the farmlands of Aroostook County, Caribou is located at the confluence of several rivers and streams. This abundant waterpower was harnessed in the nineteenth century to run saw, planning, carpentry, shingle, and grist mills. Other important industries included a starch factory, shoe making, and harness manufacturing.

Historic Newspaper References

Aroostook Republican, Caribou, August 30, 1893

Geo. E. Norris of Brocton, Mass., who has just completed a very handsome photogravure of the village of Fort Fairfield, is in town. The picture is a faithful representation of our enterprising sister village and is giving perfect satisfaction. Mr. Norris is now engaged on a similar work for this village.

The Northern Leader, Fort Fairfield, September 1, 1893

Mr. Norris, the artist, who made such a very fine and correct a view of Fort Fairfield, is in town: he is contemplating taking a view of Caribou, we hope Mr. Norris will decide to make the view: we believe most every citizen in town will be pleased to purchase a view of their own. These views show every building just as they look to us now.

Aroostook Republican, Caribou, September 20, 1893

Geo. E. Norris, of Brocton, Mass., has commenced his admirable view of Caribou, mention of which was made in a former issue. It is taken from a point called the Washburn farm, looking north, and embraces all of the village, from the Cemetery and Trotting Park to the French church at North Lyndon. A vinette shows Water Co’s dam, R. R. station, etc. It is a faithful representation, on paper, of our village, in which every building in town may be readily recognized, and is accurate in every detail. Every citizen of Caribou should subscribe for a photogravure view of the village. Mr. Norris is deserving of much praise for his artistic work.

Aroostook Republican, Caribou, September 27, 1893

Mr. Norris has already orders for nearly 175 of the photogravure views of Caribou.

The Northern Leader, Fort Fairfield, September 29, 1893

Mr. Geo. Norris, the Artist, who has been taking a view of Caribou has just completed it. Every person who has seen the view call it a very fine and accurate representation of our beautiful village.

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