Adaptation or Revolution: Telemental Health and Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing During COVID-19

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Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association


COVID-19, coronavirus, telemental health, telepsychiatry, psychiatric nurse practitioner



This article will describe the current COVID-19 crisis and the evolving mental health concerns associated with it, discuss how mental health practice has changed, and ways in which psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) can adapt and prepare for the future.


A search of current literature on the COVID-19 crisis, and topics relevant to the mental health components associated with the pandemic are reviewed. Telemental health (TMH) and PMHNP practice are discussed as they relate to the unfolding picture of the viral pandemic.


The COVID-19 crisis is having far-reaching implications for mental health treatment and in particular for PMHNPs in practice settings. There have been widespread consequences of the containment measures used for the protection and mitigation of the disease. One such result has been the inability of patients to have face-to-face contact with their providers. The role of TMH has become increasingly important as an adaptation in professional practice.


Technology has rapidly transformed traditional practice due to the COVID-19 crisis and there is strong evidence that it is well accepted by patients and providers. It is incumbent on PMHNPs to embrace TMH and become educated on best practices and TMH services.


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