Predictors of home healthcare nurse retention

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Journal of Nursing Scholarship


nurse retention, retention predictors, home healthcare


Purpose: To examine the level of job satisfaction and test a theoretical model of the direct and indirect effects of job satisfaction, and individual nurse and agency characteristics, on intent to stay and retention for home healthcare nurses. Design: A descriptive correlation study of home healthcare nurses in six New England states. Methods: Home healthcare nurse fob satisfaction self-report data was collected with the HHNJS survey questionnaire & Retention Survey Questionnaire. Findings: Based on a structural equation model, job tenure and job satisfaction were the strongest predictors of nurse retention. Conclusions: Understanding the variables associated with home healthcare nurse retention can help agencies retain nurses in a time of severe nurse shortages and increased patient demand. Clinical Relevance: Predicted nursing shortages and increasing demand have made the retention of experienced, qualified nursing staff essential to assure access to high-quality home healthcare services in the future.


This retention study was funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to develop a model of job retention for home healthcare nurses (R01 HS 13477-03).