Date of Award

Fall 2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Policy and Management (PPM)


Public Policy and Management

First Advisor

Mathew Bampton, Ph.D


Haiti, population density, environment, landscapes, remote sensing, development, natural resources, water, waste management


An understanding of population density is essential to addressing environmental issues in Haiti. Decades of significant political, economic, environmental, and social challenges have influenced both population density and the landscape of the country. Additionally, lack of consistent and reliable census data poses great challenges to tracking population growth in Haiti. Data from the US Census Bureau and USGS Global Visualization Viewer satellite images were used to analyze the impact of population density on Haiti’s landscape. A comparison of Haiti’s population density in 2007 and 2018 using remote sensing analyses offers insight into the landscape of the country. The images illustrate damage of Haiti’s natural resources due to human development in vulnerable ecosystems, natural disasters and poor regulations. To reduce and prevent further damage to the environment, governmental regulations must be put in place to protect the environment and slow the growth of the population.



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