Update: Providing Quality Family Planning Services - Recommendations From CDC and the U.S. Office of Population Affairs, 2017

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Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report


In April 2014, CDC published "Providing Quality Family Planning Services: Recommendations of CDC and the U.S. Office of Population Affairs" (QFP), which describes the scope of services that should be offered in a family planning visit and how to provide those services (e.g., periodicity of screening, which persons are in need of services, etc.) (1). The sections in QFP include the following: Determining the Client's Need for Services; Contraceptive Services; Pregnancy Testing and Counseling; Clients Who Want to Become Pregnant; Basic Infertility Services; Preconception Health Services; Sexually Transmitted Disease Services; and Related Preventive Health Services. In addition, the QFP includes an appendix entitled Screening Services for Which Evidence Does Not Support Screening.