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This report is organized to

  1. present the resource and scope of the problem,
  2. review the existing laws,
  3. discuss the options of site monitoring or stewardship and how they are practiced currently in Maine and elsewhere,
  4. present our discussions with law enforcement, and
  5. make recommendations to the Legislature.

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Maine Historic Preservation Commission

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H 69.10:Pr 967


In the spring of 1999 the 119th Legislature passed the following Resolve requiring study of the issue of looting and vandalism of Native American archaeological sites, and preparation of a report recommending solutions:


Resolved: That the Maine Historic Preservation Commission and the Representatives of the Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe jointly shall conduct a review of the threats to Native American archaeological sites from looting and vandalism and report their recommendations for implementing a monitoring or stewardship program for site protection and preservation. The review must also involve the following law enforcement agencies: the Maine Warden Service, the Maine Forest Service, the Bureau of Marine Patrol and local and state law enforcement. The review must also involve the Native American community and other interested parties.

To fulfill this legislative charge, Arthur Spiess held a series of meetings with Representative Donald Soctomah in August and September, 1999, and Spiess, Soctomah and Representative Donna Loring met on September 8, 1999. Spiess met with the state law enforcement agencies mentioned in the legislation or held discussions over the telephone during September through December, 1999. Donald Soctomah presented the legislation to inter-tribal meetings for discussion. Comments were sought from the Board of the Maine Archaeological Society.

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LD 1028 - Protection of Indian Archaeological Sites: Report to the Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs