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MRHRC, Medicaid, Maine, children


These survey results help identify areas for improvement for future initiatives both for the MaineCare program and for providers serving this population. Key Findings: MaineCare higher than the national average on most patient experience measures. Significant improvements in MaineCare provider/family communication and care coordination. MaineCare lower than national average on customer service, availability of treatment choices, and care coordination among providers. Patient experience generally similar for Medicaid and CHIP enrollees. Many MaineCare children have special health care needs. 35% of children enrolled in MaineCare have special health care needs, according to the 2013 survey. Experience of children with special health care needs (CSHCN) generally similar to other MaineCare children. In addition to CAHPS, Maine’s annual survey includes supplemental questions that focus on priority areas for the Department including the degree to which providers discuss recommended preventive topics at well-child visits, the prevalence of childhood obesity ant tobacco use/second-hand smoke exposure among children served by MaineCare, oral health access and unmet need, the affordability of Child Health Program (CHP) premiums, and availability/access to employer-sponsored health insurance. For nearly three quarters of MaineCare children, physicians discussed physical activity, nutrition/diet, avoiding

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University of Southern Maine and the Department of Health and Human Services



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