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MaineCare, Medicaid, Maine, Children, survey, CHIPRA, MRHRC


The purpose of the annual Survey of Children Served by MaineCare is to monitor the quality of services delivered by MaineCare, the State's Medicaid and CHIP program. The 2012 survey examines the experiences of families with children. ages 0-17, who are enrolled in MaineCare using a standardized survey instrument (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems--CAHPS--4.0H Child Medicaid Health Plan Survey). MaineCare scores very favorably compared with national benchmarks on CAHPS measures of Getting Needed Care, Getting Care Quickly, and How Well the Child's Doctors Community, with ratings at or above the 75th percentile on all the composites and individual items. Overall ratings of the child's personal doctor, ratings of the child's specialist, and ratings of all the child's health care are also among the highest nationally. Areas for improvement included MaineCare customer service and care coordination. Continued administration of the CAHPS 4.0H Child Medicaid Health Plan Survey is recommended for 2013 and beyond to allow for ongoing monitoring of patient experience with and computation of trend results of the MaineCare program as well as ensuring that the MaineCare program complies with federal CHIPRA measure reporting requirements.