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The Voluntary Water Quality Monitoring Program : 1982 Project Report

by Barbara Welch, Judy Potvin & Mary Ellen Dennis

Division of Environmental Evaluation and Lake Studies, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Augusta, Maine 1982.

Contents: Understanding Maine's Lakes and Ponds / Acknowledgement / Temperature / Dissolved Oxygen / Other Measures of Lake Water Quality / Nutrients / Algae and Chlorophyll a / Transparency / Morphometry / Sampling / Protection / Classification / Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions / Glossary of Terms / Appendix A : Maximum, Minimum, and Mean Values / Appendix B : Phosphate Content of Common Cleansers / Appendix C : Maine Trophic State Index Criteria / Appendix D : 1982 TSI Values / Appendix E : Class GP-B Lakes / Appendix F : Conversion Chart / Appendix G : Ranges of Transparency, Chlorophyll a, and Total Phosphorus / Lake Data

Publication Date



Maine Department of Environmental Protection


Augusta, Maine


Lake Eutrophication, Water Quality, Lakes, Environmental Monitoring, Water Quality Management, Mensuration, Ponds, Water Quality, Algae, Transparency, Morphometry, Water Sampling, Environmental Protection, Aquatic Weeds, Water Levels, Water Resources, Hydrology, Conservation, Lake Shores, Pollution


Algae | Biochemistry | Biology | Environmental Health | Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology | Environmental Monitoring | Environmental Sciences | Hydrology | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology | Water Resource Management


USM Gorham Stacks : TD 224 M2 W4 1982

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The Voluntary Water Quality Monitoring Program : 1982 Project Report



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