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Geology of the Moose River and Roach River Synclinoria, Northwestern Maine

by Arthur J. Boucot, with contributions by Edward W. Heath

Bulletin No.21, Maine Geological Survey

Department of Economic Development, Augusta, Maine (August, 1969).

Contents: Abstract / Introduction / Stratigraphy / Intrusive Rocks / Metamorphism / Structure / Large Scale Maps / Somerset Island / Lobster Island / Historical Geology / The Problem of Shell Beds / References / Appendix I /

Publication Date



Department of Economic Development


Augusta, Maine


Paleontology, Moose River, Roach River, Synclinoria, Invertebrate Fossils, Geologic Folds, Brassua Lake, First Roach Pond, Long Pond, Pierce Pond, Moosehead Lake, Bedrock Exposures, Stratigraphic Geology, Kennebec Formation, Paleozoic, Devonian, Ordovician, Ragged Lake, Seboomook Lake, Somerset County, Piscataquis County


Earth Sciences | Geochemistry | Geology | Geomorphology | Other Earth Sciences | Paleontology | Stratigraphy | Tectonics and Structure

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Creative Commons License
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Geology of the Moose River and Roach River Synclinoria, Northwestern Maine



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