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Toward A Sustainable Maine : The Politics, Economics, and Ethics of Sustainability

Richard Barringer, editor, Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern Maine

Edmund S. Muskie Institute of Public Affairs, University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine, 1993.

The proceedings of a conference presented at Bowdoin College on March 19 and 20, 1993, by the Edmund S. Muskie Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Southern Maine, and by the Natural Resources Council of Maine. Ellen Baum, conference organizer.

Contents; Foreword by Richard Barringer / Welcome by Everett Carson / Global, Canadian, and Maine Perspectives / Sustaining Our Natural and Human-made Capital / Sustaining Our Community Resources / Sustaining Our Human Resources / Concluding Remarks / Appendices

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University of Southern Maine


Portland, Maine


Economic Development, Development, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Forestry, Growth, Regulation, Sustainability, Environment, Population, Future Studies, Infrastructure, Population Growth, Resources, Investments, Economic Strategy, Ecology, Forests, Consumption, Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Fishing, Markets, Pollution, Communities, Health Care, Lumbering, Natural Resources


Business | Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Economic History | Economics | Economic Theory | Education Economics | Environmental Law | Environmental Studies | Growth and Development | Health Law and Policy | Higher Education | Human Resources Management | International Trade Law | Law and Economics | Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Natural Resources Law | Other Business | Other Economics | Other Education | Other Educational Administration and Supervision | Regional Economics | Strategic Management Policy | Teacher Education and Professional Development

Toward A Sustainable Maine : The Politics, Economics, and Ethics of Sustainability



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