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Significant Bedrock Features of the Maine Coast : Boothbay to Calais

Carol White and A.M.Hussey II

Planning Report # 85

A Report Prepared for the Maine Critical Areas Program, Maine State Planning Office, 184 State Street, Augusta, Maine 04333 (September 1989).

Contents: Introduction / Types of Significant Features / Description and Interpretation of Geologic Features / Overview of the Geology of Coastal Maine / Criteria for Significant Geological Localities / Inventory Methods / Area Descriptions / Site Descriptions / Conclusions and Recommendations / References

Publication Date



Maine State Planning Office


Augusta, Maine


Coasts, Geology, Areal Geology, Geologic Sites, Critical Areas, Coastal Areas, Hancock County, Knox County, Lincoln County, Waldo County, Washington County, Bedrock Localities, Igneous Rocks, Volcanic Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Fossils


Earth Sciences | Geology | Geomorphology | Natural Resources and Conservation | Other Earth Sciences | Stratigraphy | Tectonics and Structure


USM Libraries Gov. Docs: P69.10:Be 413

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Significant Bedrock Features of the Maine Coast : Boothbay to Calais



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