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A History of Pemaquid; with Sketches of Monhegan, Popham and Castine

by Arlita Dodge Parker

MacDonald & Evans, Boston, Mass., 1925.

Contents: Pemaquid and the First Explorers / A Summer Idyll / The Colony at Popham Beach / Capt. John Smith and Monhegan / The Plymouth Company and the Council for New England / The Debt of Massachusetts to the Pioneers of Maine / Christopher Levett and Capemanwagan / Sir Ferdinando Gorges' Province of Maine and Other Grants and Settlements / Bristol Old and New / Many Masters / Pentagoet and the Indian Missions / Castine / King Philip's War / Sir Edmund Andros and the Building of Fort Charles / The Regime of Sir Edmund Andros / The Capture of Fort Charles / The Peace of Pemaquid / The Capture of Fort William Henry / David Dunbar and the Building of Fort Frederick / The Scotch-Irish Pioneers and Their Trials / Ruins at Pemaquid

Publication Date



MacDonald & Evans


Boston, Mass.


Early Settlement, Colonial Period, Pemaquid, Popham Colony, Monhegan, Plymouth Company, Maine Pioneers, Early Grants, Early Settlements, Bristol, Pentagoet, Missions, Castine, King Philip's War, Fort Charles, Fort William Henry, Bristol, Province of Maine, Fort Frederick, Indians


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A History of Pemaquid; with Sketches of Monhegan, Popham and Castine



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