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Micro Hydro Power

by Frederick J. Munster

Department of Economic and Community Development, August, Me. 1999 (?).

Contents: Introduction / History of Hydropower in Maine / Renewables / Why Micro Hydro / Determining Flow / Determining Head / Estimating Energy Potential / Hydro Turbines / Dams, Impoundments, Penstocks and Power Houses / Utility Interconnected Systems / Battery Charging Systems / Operation and Maintenance / Economics / Regulation of Hydro Development / For More Information / References

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Department of Economic and Community Development


Augusta, Maine


Energy, Utilities, Water Turbines, Dams, Electricity Generation, Generators, Water Power, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Hydropower, Battery Charging Systems, Hydro Turbines, Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, Power Generation


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Civil Engineering | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Electrical and Electronics | Electro-Mechanical Systems | Energy Systems | Engineering | Hydraulic Engineering | Power and Energy

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Micro Hydro Power



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