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Policy for Identifying and Assessing the Health Risks of Toxic Substances

by Norman T. Anderson, Environmental Toxicology Program, Division of Disease Control, Bureau of Health (February, 1988).

Contents: Section I: Introduction / Section II: Methods / Section III: Exposure Assessment / Section IV: Hazard Identification / Section V: Hazard Assessment / Section VI: Risk Characterization / List of Figures / List of Tables

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Bureau of Health


Augusta, Maine


Environmental Pollution, Health Policy, Carcinogens, Industrial Pollution, Toxicology, Toxic Chemical Exposure, Cancers, Tumors, Tumor Incidence, Chemical Hazards, Toxins, Pollutants


Cancer Biology | Chemicals and Drugs | Disorders of Environmental Origin | Environmental Health | Genetic Phenomena | Inorganic Chemicals | Medical Toxicology | Other Chemicals and Drugs | Pharmacology, Toxicology and Environmental Health | Research Methods in Life Sciences | Toxicology


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Policy for Identifying and Assessing the Health Risks of Toxic Substances



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