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This collection of research material spans from 1936-1944. Collected by Scott and Barbra Winn Adams, these materials are part of a large number of children’s books by Henry A. Shute, in the Edith C. Rice Collection of Children’s Literature bequeathed to USM.

In this collection there are 2 letters from Shute to Scott Adams, 1 Letter from the editor of the newspaper Exeter News-Letter to Scott Adams, handwritten bibliographic notes, 1 page from a bookseller’s catalog offering 2 Shute first editions, 3 published memoirs of Shute with accompanying correspondence, 1 clipping of a brief obituary in the New York Times the day after his death, and a photocopy of a photograph and article on the author on the front page of the Exeter News-Letter, accompanied by 2 remembrances, and 9 photographs of key locations in Shute’s works.



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