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Gorham Normal School, Western Gorham Normal School, William J. Corthell, Carbon Photograph, Autograph Book, University of Southern Maine, State of Maine Educational Department



W.J. Corthell was the first principal of the Western State Normal School in Gorham, founded in 1878. The other collector may have been Marjorie Thurston, class of 1907. The Memorabilia consists of artifacts and photographs found in Special Collections.

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1 ft.



The Thurston/Corthell Collection was found in the Special Collections (then Archives) reading room. It is believed to have been donated by the Alumni Association.

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The Thurston/Corthell Collection is the physical property of the University of Southern Maine Libraries. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the creator or her/his legal heirs and assigns. For further information, consult the Head of Special Collections.

For further information, consult the Head of Special Collections,



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