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Printed materials acquired by the donor's father while serving in West Germany during the Cold War. The Collection contains 37 items, books and ephemeral material. Materials deal with German history from the beginning of World War I to the end of World War II. Dates span 1914 to 1983, with the bulk evenly spread between the periods of 1915-1923 and 1934-1942. The collection includes propaganda, war humor, poems, songs, and a film promotional leaflet; stories from German prisoners of war during WWI; and materials related to revolution (following World War I). The two issues of Stern magazine were published in 1983 but present articles on Adolf Hitler's diaries, which were soon afterward exposed as a hoax.

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The Early 20th-century German Print Collection was donated in 2012 by Karen S. Curley, whose father acquired the materials while serving in West Germany during the Cold War.

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The Early 20th-century German Print Collection is the physical property of the University of Southern Maine Libraries. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the creator or her/his legal heirs and assigns.

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