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For years, Maine’s criminal justice and public health systems have grappled with the issues of substance abuse, drug and alcohol‐related offending, and treatment for various addictions to legal and illegal substances. Policy makers and community leaders are challenged to develop public policy solutions to this complex and interrelated set of issues.

The body of knowledge on drug offenders and drug offenses in Maine has not kept pace with the urgent need to respond to an array of drug‐related issues in communities. This report adds to the knowledge base by describing trends in drug offending and the recidivism of drug offenders in Maine. Employing a similar methodology to that used in a previous Maine Statistical Analysis Center report on sex offenses and sex offender recidivism, this report provides public safety drug arrest trends (with comparison to other states) and recidivism rates of drug offenders admitted to probation in Maine.


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The 2013 Drug Offense Trends and Drug Offender Recidivism in Maine Report was created under the auspices of the State Justice Statistics (SJS) Program, Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), Department of Justice (DOJ). Funding for this report was provided by BJS Grant Number 2010‐BJ‐CX‐K017.

The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Department of Justice.



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