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Transformative Mentoring is an intensive youth development model that seeks to transform the mentality and behavior of the most at-risk or hardest to reach delinquent youth and provide them with healthy relationships with positive adults. A core element of this approach is the belief that communities are best positioned to respond to the needs of youth given the opportunity and the resources. The model centers around the pairing of youth with specially trained adults who have had relevant life experiences, most commonly previous involvement in the criminal justice systems, called Credible Messengers.


The Place Matters project is housed at the Justice Policy Program within the Cutler Institute at the Muskie School of Public Service, which is located at the University of Southern Maine and is supported by a collective of funders including: The John T. Gorman Foundation, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, The Rocking Moon Foundation, the Maine Juvenile Justice Advisory Group, and the Maine Economic Improvement Fund.

We send out a monthly e-mail in collaboration with the Maine Center for Juvenile Law and Policy at the University of Maine School of Law with news and information about the future of youth justice in Maine. Sign up to receive the newsletter and check out previous months by following the link below:



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