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LGBTQ, Southern Maine, Artistic Amazon, Lesbian Bookstore, Feminist Bookstore


The Artistic Amazon Bookstore was a feminist bookstore operated by Cherie Monnell
and Dottie Logue in New Hampshire and Maine from the early-1990s through the mid-2000s. The store was first located at 28 Chapel Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire before it moved to 182 Clay Hill Road, Cape Neddick, Maine in late 2001, when it became the only feminist bookstore in Maine. In addition to books, the store sold jewelry, clothing, artwork, and gifts.

The store’s website,, is archived on through 2008. The website lists examples of merchandise include pages for news and events in the local feminist and LGBTQ+ communities, and describes the store as “a women's a bookstore that dedicates itself to developing a safe and welcoming space for women, girls and their friends, to explore their personal and political diversity."



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