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AIDS, National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, Drummer, John Preston, Sail Away, Autumnfest, GLT: Gay and Lesbian Times of Maine, The Mirror, Our Paper, Manuscript Collection


Harbor Masters of Portland, Maine, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization whose members share an interest in the leather/levi lifestyle. The organization was originally incorporated in Maine in 1984 to serve as a social club for like-minded gay males. However, members of any sex are allowed to join Harbor Masters. The club was founded with the goals of promoting fellowship among and tolerance for individuals interested in the leather lifestyle and continues to work toward those goals.

Over time, the Harbor Masters took on a more active role in New England’s LGBT community. The organization has regularly participated in charitable events benefitting the LGBT community, primarily in the fight against AIDS. The club has been an active participant in the annual Portland Pride events and has also attended LGBT events in Boston, New York City, and Washington DC.

Harbor Masters is organized around a Constitution and Bylaws. Annual elections are held to establish a Board of Directors and Officers responsible for club leadership. These elections are voted in by Full Members. Full Members are required to live within commuting distance of Portland, Maine, attend regular club functions, serve a probationary period, and pay club dues. Associate Membership is available to individuals who cannot meet the requirements of Full Membership. Associate Members do not possess full voting rights.

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