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Robin Lambert, MLGPA, Maine Lesbian Gay Political Alliance, Maine Health Foundation, AIDS Advisory Committee, LGBT Publications, LGBT Republican, Maine State Senate Campaigns, Maine, AIDS Policy



Robin Lambert was politically active in Maine for more than 40 years, was for many years the most prominent Republican to publicly support LGBT civil rights, and persuaded many in his party to join him in that struggle. He was one of the founders of the Maine Lesbian Gay Political Alliance (MLGPA)(now EqualityMaine) in 1984, and was twice recognized by MLGPA for his outstanding work for civil rights. As an early advocate of addressing the issues surrounding HIV and its impact on the state, Lambert was a founding member of both The Maine Health Foundation and The AIDS Project in Portland, and was appointed to Governor McKernan's AIDS Advisory Committee in 1987, serving for many years. He lived with AIDS for many years, and died in 2006 at the age of 56. The Papers include records of the Maine Health Foundation, posters from many events, material on his unsuccessful run for State Senate, a great deal of material on AIDS policy and prevention in Maine, and on the national AIDS Quilt.

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The bulk of this collection was purchased at the Lambert estate sale (on 2/17/07) executed by Lani Graham, and delivered to USM by Sive Neilan. Some materials were donated on 4/10/07 by Susan Hopkins (a close friend of Lambert) – film material went to USM’s Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity.

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