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George Daniell, Photographer, Artist, Bar Harbor, Painter, Photographic Portraits, Maine Island Life Scenes, Gay Artist, Self-Portrait, Watercolor



George Daniell, photographer and artist, lived the second half of his life in a coastal community near Bar Harbor, Maine. Originally from Yonkers, he worked as a freelance photographer in New York and Europe for most of his early career. In the 1930’s, he made his first visits to Monhegan Island and Grand Manan Island, capturing images in photographs and paintings. For many years he owned a house on Fire Island, and spent winters in Key West, and these locations also feature prominently in his work. He is best known for his photographic portraits of well-known artists and literary figures, yet he created an equally, if not more, compelling body of work that highlights images of fishermen and dock workers, swimmers, and scenes of island life. His work is highly regarded by the art community, and in recent years he has received more attention as an influential gay artist, beautifully capturing the strength and sensuality of the male figure. The Artwork consists of a framed watercolor, an unframed copy of a self-portrait photograph, and a framed photograph.

Date Range:

[1936], [1950],1993

Size of Collection:

3.25 ft.



George Daniell Artwork was created and compiled by George Daniell, who donated the material in 1999. The “Untitled Self-Portrait” of the artist was donated by Andres Verzosa in 2004.

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George Daniell Artwork is the physical property of the University of Southern Maine Libraries. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the creator or her/his legal heirs and assigns.

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