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Transsupport, Non-Sexual Peer Support Group, Cross-Dressing, Transsexuals, Trans*, Organizational Papers, 1990's, Transsexual Educational Group, Newsletters, Support Group



Transsupport is a non-profit, educational, non-sexual peer support group for Cross-dressers, Transsexuals, their families, friends and significant others. The Archives contains organizational papers and newsletters from between 1994 and 1998, plus one issue of vol. 1 of the newsletter, dated 1989.

Date Range:

1989, 1994-1998

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0.5 ft.



The Transsupport Archives represent materials related to the organization Transsupport from 1991-1998. The Archives was donated by Robert Smutny of Greene, ME in 2005.

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The Transsupport Archives is the physical property of the University of Southern Maine Libraries. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the creator or her/his legal heirs and assigns.

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