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Referendum 6, Maine State Elections 2000, Anti-Discrimination Law, Sexual Orientation, Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation, Discrimination, No on 6, Yes on 6, Maine Coalition for Equal Rights, Maine Council of Churches, MLGPA, Press Coverage



The Collection was assembled by the staff of USM's Special Collections to document the November 2000 State election referendum against discrimination based on sexual orientation. The issue was Question 6 on the ballot and read: “Do you favor ratifying the action of the 119th Legislature whereby it passed an act extending to all citizens regardless of their sexual orientation the same basic rights to protection against discrimination now guaranteed to citizens on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodation and credit and where the act expressly states that nothing in the act confers legislative approval of, or special rights to, any person or group of persons?” The act was overturned (50.38% voted to overturn versus 49.62% to sustain). The Collection includes articles from the Bangor Daily News, Casco Bay Weekly, Portland Press Herald, and Sun Journal; information from the websites of groups opposing the act (advocating “No on 6”); flyers, brochures, a poster, and material from the websites of groups advocating for the act to be upheld via the referendum, including Yes on 6, Maine Coalition for Equal Rights, Maine Council of Churches, MLGPA (detailed chronology of efforts to pass gay-rights bill), and Mid Coast for Human Rights; and other background information about the referendum and surrounding debate.

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The Referendum 6 Collection is an artificial collection assembled by the Special Collections staff.

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