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All wars monument

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DEDICATED TO THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF UNION WHO HELPED PRESERVE US AS A FREE NATION ERECTED BY THE CITIZENS OF UNION AMERICAN LEGION AND AUXILIARY POST 110 UNION VETERANS HONOR ROLL WORLD WAR I APR 1917- NOV 1918 (Column 1) Edward A Alden Alvah E Ames Charles F Ash Simon Black Arthur Burgess Charles Burgess Walter Burgess Franz U Burkett Clyde Butler George H Cameron Harry F Cameron Everett M Clary William O Collins George Dearborn Edward Dornan Arthur B Farris Harold Fossett Lorenzo W Hadley Harold Hagar Howard Hagar Ivory Hannan Ralph Hannan Maynard Hills (Column 2) Angelo Howard John Howard Charles Howe Sr Louis Jacques George H Law Clarence Leonard Sr Guy Lermond Lorenzo Linscott Maynard A Lucas Leroy L Luce Arvine S Miller Elden T miller Leroy A R Miller Leander M Newbert Roger A Norwood Hadley Prouty Ezra S Savage Jr George M Seiders Alma F Sidelinger Rufus N Sidelinger Eric M Simmons Harlan R Simmons Charles H Storer

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The monument is constructed in a semi-circular way. The base is made out of rough-cut white granite. Sitting atop the base are three smooth-faced slabs of rectangular white granite. The one in the middle is twice the length of the two on its wings. In between each wing-slab and the center-slab are two skinny pieces of black granite. All three slabs have bronze plaques on them, two on the center one and one on each of the other two. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Gaurd, and Merchant Marines are all represented with their respective insignia, three bronze markers on each wing-slab. A few feet in front of the monument crescent is a small metal statue. The statue depicts two military boots, rifle standing up between them, and atop the rifle is a soldier's helmet.


Libby Bischof

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