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Crime data, Maine, Justice Data, Crime and Justice Indicators, MSAC, Justice Policy


The 2014 Maine Crime and Justice Data Book presents a portrait of crime and justice indicators in the state, using the most recent public safety, corrections, and court data available for Maine. The reports looks at ten year trends in Maine, compares Maine figures with data from other northern New England states and the United States, and presents some county level findings as well.


This analysis is part of the Maine Statistical Analysis Center's (SAC) mission to provide criminal justice information to the general public and policymakers in Maine. For more information on other SAC studies, please visit their website at

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The 2014 Maine & Justice Data Book was created under the auspices of the State Justice Statistics Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Maine Department of Corrections. Funding for the report was provided by BJS Grant 2012‐BJ‐CX‐K034.



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