LGBTI Populations: Their Safety, Your Responsibility

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Cutler, Justice Policy


Erica King, Policy Associate in the Muskie School of Public Service, was the featured policy advisor for this 3-hour broadcast on November 7, 2012, which is meant to inform and increase awareness of strategies for developing policies and procedures for LGBTI populations. The broadcast highlighted promising practices by providing resources and examples of agencies who are responding to the needs of the LGBTI population in their setting. During this national discussion sponsored and broadcast by the National Institute of Corrections, presenters defined a framework for developing strategies for ensuring the safety, dignity, and respect of LGBTI individuals in corrections settings; identified typical concerns and challenges that arise as agencies address the needs and requirements of LGBTI offenders in corrections settings; identified operational practices that can increase effectiveness of working with LGBTI offenders; and reviewed and discussed effective policy and program development strategies that address LGBTI populations in corrections.

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