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Portland Press Herald


juvenile criminal records, Maine, Justice Policy, Cutler


The purpose of this report is to provide policy makers, the public and other juvenile justice system practitioners (law enforcement, Maine Department of Corrections, attorneys and judges) with information about the impact of juvenile justice involvement on young people who have come into contact with the justice system. The goal of this report is to provide policy makers, the public and juvenile justice system practitioners with research about what those closest to the system understand about how records are handled and accessed, the impact of juvenile records and what improvements could be made that are consistent with the rehabilitative and public safety goals of the juvenile justice system in Maine. To determine the extent to which individuals with juvenile records experience collateral consequences, researchers from the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service employed a mixedmethods approach including statute research, practice and policy review and qualitative data collection. Focus groups, interviews and surveys with more than 200 people throughout the State of Maine provided rich, well-grounded and deeply descriptive insights into the juvenile justice system and what is commonly understood about the handling of records related to system involvement. Throughout the report, case studies highlight the stories of young people and adults who have been impacted by their juvenile records. Results of this research reveal persistent misunderstanding, confusion and inconsistencies surrounding the policies, practices and laws that govern safeguarding and sealing juvenile records.


This report was referenced in a Portland Press Herald article from 03/16/2017.



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