What to Expect with MaineCare Expansion [OpEd]

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News Article

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MRHRC, Cutler, MaineCare, Medicaid, rural, low-income, vulnerable populations


In this news article, Zach Croll, Research Associate at the Maine Rural Health Research Center at the University of Southern Maine (USM), highlights the recent data brief he authored in partnership with the Maine Health Access Foundation. In the brief, he discusses the characteristics of the people who are eligible to sign up for expanded MaineCare which underscores the complicated nature of how health insurance eligibility and coverage interact with social determinant of health. In this news article, Croll posits suggestions as to why older members, eligible for the MaineCare expansion, may not be enrolling. He concludes by noting that stakeholders--providers, funders, and communities--all have a role to play in the creation and sustainability of a new system of expanded coverage.


For more information on the data brief, please contact Zach Croll at zachariah.croll@maine.edu.

Zachariah T. Croll is a research associate at the Maine Rural Health Research Center, University of Southern Maine, Muskie School of Public Service. Barbara Leonard is president and CEO of the Maine Health Access Foundation.