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Facsimile of a salesman's catalog, ca. 1913, of T. A. Huston & Co. The catalog’s pages describe the array of candies, cookies/biscuits, and crackers offered by the company, with typewritten labels describing them by name or identifying them with a number. The candy selection ranges from chocolates to hard candies, lollypops, caramels, and many other varieties. There are many varieties of cookies and crackers as well, some of which were imprinted with the Huston name. However, not all the selections seem to have been produced directly by T.A. Huston & Co. For instance, one page of the catalog depicts a selection of Necco wafers and others show Hershey products.

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Cookies, Crackers, Chocolates, Candies, 1910's, Maine, “Made in Maine--For Maine--By Maine People”, T. A. Huston, Catalog, Bakery


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