The USM History Major offers a wide range of courses and study options covering an array of specialties, such as U.S. History, Women's History, Latin American History, Ancient and Modern European History, East Asian History, Near Eastern History, and Religious History. Through introductory and advanced courses, students acquire a grounding in historical knowledge and posses the central core of an excellent liberal arts education, which may be used in numerous ways - as active citizens, in pursuing graduate school, and in various occupations.

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Books from 2018

Thin Rising Vapors, Seth Rogoff ABD, MA

Books from 2017

First, the Raven: A Preface, Seth Rogoff

Brush, Seal and Abacus: Troubled Vitality in Late Ming China’s Economic Heartland, 1500–1644, Jie Zhao PhD

Submissions from 2015


The Lens of the Local: Teaching an Appreciation of the Past through the Exploration of Local Sites, Landmarks, and Hidden Histories, Libby M. Bischof


Who Supports the Humanities in Maine? The Benefits (and Challenges) of Volunteerism, Libby M. Bischof

Submissions from 2012


Review of: Enduring Violence: Ladina Women's Lives in Guatemala, David Carey

Submissions from 2010


Review of: Ethan Anthony, The Architecture of Ralph Adams Cram and His Office, Libby MacDonald Bischof

Submissions from 2009


Guatemala's Green Revolution: Synthetic Fertilizer, Public Health, and Economic Autonomy in the Mayan Highland, David Carey

Submissions from 2008


"Hard Working, Orderly Little Women": Mayan Vendors and marketplace Struggles in Early Twentieth - Century Guatemala, David Carey


Review of: Oral History Interview with Robert G. Stanton, Polly Welts Kaufman

Submissions from 2007


Elusive Identities: Indigeneity and Nation - States in Central America, David Carey

Submissions from 2006


Empowered Through Labor and Buttressing Their Communities: Mayan Women and Coastal Migration, 1875 - 1965, David Carey

Submissions from 2003


Review of: Mayan Visions: The Quest for Autonomy in an Age of Globalization, David Carey

Submissions from 2002


A Decade of Considerable Significance - Late-Ming Factionalism in the Making, 1583-1593, Jie Zhao

Submissions from 2000


Ties That Bind - The Craft of Political Networking in Late Ming Chiang-nan, Jie Zhao