The USM History Major offers a wide range of courses and study options covering an array of specialties, such as U.S. History, Women's History, Latin American History, Ancient and Modern European History, East Asian History, Near Eastern History, and Religious History. Through introductory and advanced courses, students acquire a grounding in historical knowledge and posses the central core of an excellent liberal arts education, which may be used in numerous ways - as active citizens, in pursuing graduate school, and in various occupations.
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Signs of the Times: Documenting Covid-19 Signs in Southern Maine

We Exist: Evidence of Maine's Black Families from 1800 to the 20th Century

We Exist Series 2: Maine's Black Residents and Civil Rights Activism

We Exist Series 3: The Black Church, Maine’s Black Residents and the Wider Community

We Exist Series 4: African Americans, Maine, and Leisure Activities

We Exist Series 5: African American Education and Employment in Maine