Early Detection and Intervention for the Prevention of Psychosis. Outreach Evaluation Report: Year 1 Annual Report

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Under contract with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, researchers at the Muskie School of Public Service are evaluating the community outreach and training efforts of the Early Detection and Intervention for the Prevention of Psychosis Program (EDIPPP). This Year One report (8/15/2007 - 8/15/2008) provides an overview of the initiative and the five demonstration sites; a description of the evaluation framework and design; the evaluation questions and methods; preliminary evaluation results; and a summary of preliminary findings and next steps. Preliminary Findings: Outreach and training efforts are reaching the intended audiences; Trainings are a critical component of the outreach model; EDIPPP is perceived as a credible program; Most referrals are appropriate and given by a professional; Several factors are associated with intentions to refer; EDIPPP operates in different community and policy contexts.

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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