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Prepared for presentation at the Biennial Meeting of the Association of Canadian Studies in the United States in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This research project was supported by a University of Southern Maine Summer Fellowship and by a USM Faculty Senate Research Grant.

Supplemental Content:

Notes 01

Notes 02

Notes 03 - Cultural Assimilation

Notes 04 - SOC 361

Notes 05 - SOC-361-CED

Notes 06 - Structural Assimilation

Notes 07 - USL Conference Center

Notes 08 - Value Orientation of Franco-Americans

Presentation Notes 01

Presentation Notes 02

Seminar Notes

Thesis Notes

New York Times German Ancestry Article 05/16/1982


The Franco-American Collection is one of the largest repositories of its kind in the North-East. The Collection contains tens of thousands of printed books, photographs, newspaper clippings and audio-visual recordings. Please review the Collection's Terms and Conditions of Use of Collection Material regarding use of its material.

FACMadeleineGiguereB6Notes1985-01.pdf (108 kB)
Giguère Notes 01 - Date Unknown

FACMadeleineGiguereBox6Notes02.pdf (149 kB)
Giguère Notes 02 - Date Unknown

FACMadeleineGiguereB6NotesCulturalAssimilationDateUnknown-03.pdf (78 kB)
Giguère Notes 03 - Cultural Assimilation - Date Unknown

FACMadeleineGiguereB6NotesSOC361-01231975-04.pdf (112 kB)
Giguère Notes 04 - SOC 361 - 01/23/1975

FACMadeleineGiguereB6NotesSOC361CED-01231975-05.pdf (99 kB)
Giguère Notes 05 - SOC 361 CED - 01/23/1975

FACMadeleineGiguereB6NotesStructuralAssimilationDateUnknown-06.pdf (73 kB)
Giguère Notes 06 - Structural Assimilation - Date Unknown

FACMadeleineGiguereNotesUSLConferenceCenterDateUnknown-07.pdf (70 kB)
Giguère Notes 07 - USL Conference Center - Date Unknown

FACMadeleineGiguereB6NotesValueOrientationOfFrancoAmericansDateUnknown-08.pdf (100 kB)
Giguère Notes 08 - Value Orientation of Franco-Americans - Date Unknown

FACMadeleineGiguereB6PresentationNotesDateUnknown-01.pdf (49 kB)
Giguère Presentation Notes 01 - Date Unknkown

FACMadeleineGiguereB6PresentationNotesDateUnknown-02.pdf (206 kB)
Giguère Presentation Notes 02 - Date Unknkown

FACMadeleineGiguereB6SeminarNotesDateUnknown.pdf (130 kB)
Giguère Seminar Notes - Date Unknown

FACMadeleineGiguereB6ThesisNotesDateUnknown.pdf (137 kB)
Giguère Thesis Notes - Date Unknown

FACMadeleineGiguereB6GermanAncestryArticle05161982.pdf (106 kB)
New York Times German Ancestry Article 05/16/1982

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