Document Type

Policy Brief

Publication Date

Spring 2018


solar, solar farming, solar energy, climate change, sustainable farming, public policy


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Agriculture | Environmental Studies | Food Studies | Life Sciences


A change is coming to the Northeast, and Maine is not prepared to handle it. Across the Northeast, agricultural land is being converted to solar farms, with no policy in place to handle it. Opening Maine up to numerous problems with, permitting, regulations, taxes, best management practices, size of these farms, and lack of infrastructure to name a few. All of which need to be addressed, while dealing with the general instability of policies surrounding green energy and green technology like solar panels. This change is coming quickly, and although we need this policy soon, it cannot be rushed, or we risk negative externalities. To begin, we will look at solidifying the ever-changing policies in Maine around green technologies. Next, look at if this is best handled on the state or local level. Before lastly looking at how taxes and best management practices should be implemented for these farms. With this, the general information of this topic will be laid out, and allow for a more open dialogue between citizens, entrepreneurs, farmers, and policymakers.