Interview with Peter Eagan


Interview with Peter Eagan


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Peter Eagan


Born 1949, 65 at time of interview




Eagan discusses the technology and business dominance of Great Northern Paper at the time of its peak status as one of the nation's ten largest paper companies, and says a lot about Heuer.

Birth Place

Huntington, New York

Occupation/Work History

Chef, restaurant entrepreneur

Mill or Principal Employer

Fraser Paper Company

Mill Location

Madawaska, Maine


Fraser Paper, Paper Industry - Maine, Labor Unions- Paper Industry, Paper Mill Strike - 1971


Son of a senior paper engineer and assistant to mill manager. Peter's father was employed through the 1960s and into the 1970s. Was part of the mill's senior leadership team of Mill Manager John "Pete" Heuer. Eagan's father's story is relevant to Fraser and the Fraser Strike of 1971. However, he was employed by Great Northern Paper Company in Millinocket, Maine The highlight relative to Fraser is that Heuer was hired in 1968 by Fraser to turn around the business. Heuer's three year reign through 1971 was the prime cause of the strike. Heuer had the mill make huge changes and an expansion in capital facilities at Fraser, while taking on the unions. His tactics vis a vis the workers backfired. The other highlight is Egan sharing recollections of the life and ethos of paper mill town prosperity in the 1960s.

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Interview with Peter Eagan


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