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KINGFIELD VETERANS OF THE WORLD WAR ERECTED BY AMERICAN LEGION AUXILLARY HONOR ROLL (Column 1) Alward, Hazen S. Barden, Nelson G. Boynton, Harold H. Burke, George H. Carville, Clyde M. Checkley, John T. Crocker, Fred E. Crocker, George R. Dudley, Llewellyn I. Dunton, Wayne F. Durrell, Alfred H. Durrell, Delmont V. Durrell, George R. Eaton, Joseph R. Ellis, Gerald L. French, Frank R. Glidden, Vernon M. Goding, Walter S. (Column 2) Gould, Raymond A. Hinkley, Loreston L. Holloway, Ralph T. Hutchins, Emmons E. Hutchins, William E. Lander, Sewell D. Landers, Frank M. Leeman, Everett W. McVoy, William E. Mitchell, Berne W. Moores, Carrol D. Morrell, Delbert A. *Norton, Donald W. Oliver, Frank J. Page, Harold S. Porter, Phillip O. Potter, Frank L. Quint, Cecil D. (Column 3) Savage, Ellery T. Savage, Freeland A. Small, Cloyd E. Stanley, William S. Stevens, Ronald C. Thompson, Cecil F. Tufts, Dana V. Tufts, Elmer E. Weymouth, Currier C. *Weymouth, Frank F. Williamson, John R. Wing, Milton J. Winter, Clifford M. Winter, John G. Wood, Carlton, P. Wood, Laurence B. *Woodcock, Lea H. Wyman, Lorenzo N.


Bronze, granite.


American Legion Auxillary

Monument Description

The monument consists of one large base block of granite, upon which three markers rest on. The middle marker contains the bronze honor roll plaque, along with a bronze relief of an eagle above gripping the words "Honor Roll" in its talons. The two markers on either side of this one have words etched into them that describe what the marker is and who dedicated it. Separate from the main monument are three other stone markers. One is set off to the side and is a dedication marker to all of the major wars America had fought in up to and including WWI. The other two flank the main monument on either side. One is a memorial to those who served in WWII, and one is a memorial to those who served in Vietnam and Korea. All three of these markers were most likely added later than the original.


Libby Bischof

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