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This parade for a snowshoe festival in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park, shows an ice palace in the background. Bert Dutil is in the front row playing the glockenspiel. Bert Dutil, his grandfather Louis Sr. (“Pitou”), father Armand, and uncles Raymond and Louis Jr. Were known as “The Snowshoe Family” for their involvement in the International Snowshoe Union. The three sons of Pitou formed a drum and bugle corps associated with the Pastime Social Club (Le passe Temps) in Lewiston. The Pastime Drum and Bugle Corp was the first to introduce the glockenspiel and color guard. Bert Dutil, who joined the snowshoe club at 15, went on to become the drum major of the Pastime Drum and Bugle Corps and later, the director, drum major and manager of the Pine Tree Warriors.

Courtesy of Bert Dutil

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Lewiston, Maine


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The Pastime Snowshoe Club Drum and Bugle Corps Photograph, 1948-49



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