L'Orpheon Lewiston City Hall Photograph, 1947-1948


L'Orpheon Lewiston City Hall Photograph, 1947-1948



Alexis J. Cote is a celebrated music director who taught in the Lewiston school system for over 20 years and later as the director of the vocal music program in the Portland school system for over 15 years. He was the choral director and church organist at St. Louis Parish in New auburn and organist and choir director at the Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland. Since 1940, he has served a director of L’Orpheon. The group continues to perform programs in French, English, and Latin.

Row 1: Maurice Champoux, Conrad Doucette, Gilbert, (unidentified), Gerard Lajoie, Roland Mutty, Robert Wade, Leonard Maillet, Doria Gautier, Wilfred Laroche, (unidentified), Louis Restori, Alfred Jalbert, Marcel Dutil.

Row 2: Gerard Grenier, Tom Grenier, Zepherin Gosselin, Laurier Fortier, Maurice, Roland Carbonneau, Jean Charles Boucher, (unidentified), Raymond Matheux, Aime Simoneau, (unidentified), Vincent Bernier, Wilfrid Simard, Lucien Matheux, Raymond Langlais. Directed by Alexis J. Cote, Accompanist Claude Noel

Franco-American Heritage Collection; copy print by Jere Dewaters

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Lewiston, Maine


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L'Orpheon Lewiston City Hall Photograph, 1947-1948