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"Child Care, Money and Maine" was chosen as the title for this document because, as we enter into the new century, child day care services have become an essential component to a healthy economy in Maine and in the nation. The availability of good child care has a major impact on a family’s ability to find, train for, and sustain employment. Child care is also crucial to modern businesses being able to recruit, retain and sustain employees. Lack of dependable and appropriate child care will be a critical barrier to the movement of low-income families from welfare to work. The quality of the care being provided has a profound effect on the lives of our children, which in turn has major implications for state education, social services, juvenile justice and Medicaid budgets.

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Center for Law and Social Policy


Sanford, ME


Social conditions, Public welfare, social services


Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social Welfare

Child Care, Money and Maine: Implications for Federal and State Policy



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