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"The Arctic Education Alliance Cookbook Project is a collaboration between the Inuili Food College in Narsaq, Greenland; Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness in Bangor, Maine, USA; and the Tourism and Hospitality program of the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine, USA. The brainchild of Jacob Hansen, Uddannelseschef / Head of Education at Inuili, the cookbook and its theme, “Taste of Two Worlds,” is intended to illustrate the connections and dichotomies between the cuisine of two North Atlantic regions, such as in the preparation and consumption of fish. However, the book does more than encapsulate recipes from Maine and Greenland: It hints at a past in which the Western European world came in contact with the Indigenous people. Within each country, there are youth who straddle these worlds, with one foot in a traditional culture sustained by a balanced natural resource usage and the other foot in a modern society that tends to be driven by consumerism. Some argue we have lost the connection between food and the ways it is raised, grown, harvested, and processed. But cooking can reestablish that vital connection. “Being immersed in the kitchen with Indigenous people from two continents sparked excitement and joy. Being able to experience the rare opportunity to help create recipes using Indigenous foods which are then shared with the world is unmatched,” said Andrea Sockabasin, Co-Senior Director of Wabanaki Public Health, an Indigenous public health organization that provides community-driven public health services to all Wabanaki communities while honoring our cultural knowledge and cultivating innovation and collaboration..."

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University of Southern Maine


Portland, Maine


Tourism, Cookbook, Wabanaki, Inuit, Folklore, Food Studies, Maine, Greenland


The Arctic Education Alliance is funded by the US Department of State and led by Julie Biddle of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Interior Campus; Tracy Michaud of the University of Southern Maine; and Aaju Simonsen of Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. The Arctic Education Alliance fosters positive growth and locally rooted collaborations between USA and Greenland higher education institutions focused on sustainable tourism and hospitality, maritime and land management, and fisheries.

A Taste of Two Worlds: Stories and Recipes from Greenland and Maine



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