Retirement: The challenge of change


Retirement: The challenge of change


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Intended for persons in their 50s and 60s who are seriously thinking about retirement and younger people who want to learn about aging and retirement, this book was developed as a companion piece to the training program offered to business and nonprofit organizations by the University of Southern Maine retirement planning team. Most of the contributors to the book live in Maine and the settings and examples used reflect this location, although the research cited is national or international in scope. The following 13 chapters are included in the document: "Faces of Retirement" (Brady); "The Aging Body" (Friedman); "Financial Planning for Retirement" (Jagolinzer); "Changing Relationships in Retirement" (Davis, Martay); "Where to Live in Retirement" (Murray); "Exercise, Health, and Fitness" (Jordan); "The Use of Leisure Time" (Brady); "Community Resources" (Spear, Wolfberg); "Transferring Skills to New Work and Volunteer Options" (Viehmann); "Health Insurance in Later Life" (Turyn, Comerford); "Legal Concerns in Retirement" (Valcourt); "Find Some Happiness Today" (Langlois); and "A Voice from Retirement" (Sandmel). (CML)

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University of Southern Maine


Portland, ME


Adult Education, Aging (Individuals), Exercise, Gerontology, Insurance, Leisure Time, Lifetime Sports, Money Management, Older Adults, Preretirement Education, Recreational Activities, Retirement, Retirement Benefits, Voluntary Agencies, Volunteers

Retirement: The challenge of change

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