Patient Safety and Quality in Home Health Care


Patient Safety and Quality in Home Health Care


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Chapter 13 in Patient Safety and Quality An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses, edited by Ronda G. Hughes.

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Throughout these pages, you will find peer-reviewed discussions and reviews of a wide range of issues and literature regarding patient safety and quality health care. Owing to the complex nature of health care, this book provides some insight into the multiple factors that determine the quality and safety of health care as well as patient, nurse, and systems outcomes. Each of these 51 chapters and 3 leadership vignettes presents an examination of the state of the science behind quality and safety concepts and challenges the reader to not only use evidence to change practices but also to actively engage in developing the evidence base to address critical knowledge gaps. Patient safety and quality care are at the core of health care systems and processes and are inherently dependent upon nurses. To achieve goals in patient safety and quality, and thereby improve health care throughout this nation, nurses must assume the leadership role.

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Patient Safety and Quality in Home Health Care