Telehealth Utilization in Low Resource Settings [Book Chapter]


Telehealth Utilization in Low Resource Settings [Book Chapter]


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Book chapter from Sustainable Community Health: Systems and Practices in Diverse Settings edited by Elias Mpofu.

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Applying a trans-disciplinary approach, this book provides a comprehensive, research-based guide to understanding, implementing, and strengthening sustainable community health in diverse international settings. By examining the interdependence of environmental, economic, public health, community wellbeing and development factors, the authors address the systemic factors impacting health disparities, inequality and social justice issues.

The book analyzes strategies based on a partnership view of health, in which communities determine their health and wellness working alongside local, state and federal health agencies. Crucially, it demonstrates that communities are themselves health systems and their wellbeing capabilities affect the health of individuals and the collective alike. It identifies health indicators and tools that communities and policy makers can utilize to sustain truly inclusive health systems. This book offers a unique resource for researchers and practitioners working across psychology, mental health, rehabilitation, public health, epidemiology, social policy, healthcare and allied health.



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Palgrave Macmillan


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Education | Health Policy | Infrastructure | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Health


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Telehealth Utilization in Low Resource Settings [Book Chapter]

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