What Kind of Thing is a Coordinate?


What Kind of Thing is a Coordinate?


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Chapter 7 in In Search of Grammar: Empirical Methods in Linguistics, edited by James Myers.

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Corpus analysis, psycholinguistic experimentation, and computer modeling can seem intimidating to linguists more familiar with the traditional low-tech methods of theoretical syntax, morphology, and phonology. Yet as this book demonstrates, it does not require much extra effort for grammarians to expand their methodological repertoire. Core contributions come from Wayne Cowart, author of the pioneering Experimental Syntax, and Michael Hammond, author of the standard reference The Phonology of English. They and four other contributing authors provide easy-to-follow tutorials and case studies on a variety of grammatical issues from Chinese, English, and other languages, using a variety of empirical methods. It is hoped that grammarians of all stripes, from syntacticians to phonologists, from formalists to functionalists, from students to professors, will find inspiration in this book for their own research.



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What Kind of Thing is a Coordinate?